PE-LD pipes refer to pipes made of low density polyethylene (PE-LD). This type of plastic is used to produce various types of tapes that are used in many areas. Here are some examples of applications of PE-LD tapes:

  1. **Packing tapes**: PE-LD tapes are often used as packing tapes to secure packages and cargo. They are flexible, easy to use and provide a secure and durable wrap.


  1. **Pipe protection tapes**: In the construction industry, PE-LD tapes can be used to protect pipes against corrosion and mechanical damage.


  1. **Insulating tapes**: PE-LD tapes with appropriate insulating properties are used as electrical insulation in electrical installations.


  1. **Sealing tapes**: In some applications, PE-LD tapes can be used as sealing tapes to insulate against water or other substances.


  1. **Protective tapes**: PE-LD tapes can be used as protective tapes on surfaces or during painting to protect against paint splashes or damage.


  1. **Marking tapes**: PE-LD tapes can be used to mark various surfaces or elements.


PE-LD tapes are characterized by flexibility, durability and corrosion resistance. They are also often chosen due to their low price and availability. The choice of the appropriate PE-LD tape depends on the specific application and requirements for durability and environmental resistance.

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