PVC granules

Our PVC - granulates are produced due to our best knowledge and many years of experience, from high-quality raw materials. We mainly use non-toxic compositions based on Ca-Zn thermal stabilisers,  impact modifiers, processing aids, plasticizers, foaming agents, tin stabilisers, external and internal waxes and many more due to our customers’ needs such as: frost resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant, anti-static, solid or expanded materials. Our soft PVC granules are manufactured to obtain the hardness between 44 and 95 ShA (Shore A hardness).  


The basic packaging unit of granules is a 30 kg bag; at the customer's request, we can pack the granules in a big bag - 1000 kg.


In consultation with the client, we are able to develop new types of granulates or modify the properties of existing ones to adapt them to the requirements of processing technology and the functionality of the finished product.


Our latest developments are:

  • foaming masterbatch used as an additive for the production of shoe soles,
  • electrically conductive PVC granules.

The offer below shows only a fragment of our commercial offer. It presents typical, most frequently sold PVC granules. Details about our offer and cooperation possibilities can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Office.


  • Polwiplast MER
  • Polmerplast
  • Merplastnit
  • Merplast UPVC
  • Merblend
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