Foundation strip


PS foundation strip is an element used in construction, which is made of polystyrene (PS) and plays an important role in the construction of buildings. Here is some information about the PS foundation strip:


  1. **Thermal insulation**: PS foundation strip is used for thermal insulation of building foundations. The polystyrene from which it is made is characterized by low thermal conductivity, which allows for effective insulation of foundations against heat loss and moisture.


  1. **Freeze Protection**: In places with colder climates, the PS foundation strip provides frost protection for the ground around foundations. Thanks to this, it protects against damage that may occur as a result of the ground freezing to the structure.


  1. **Ease of installation**: PS foundation strips are relatively light and easy to install. They can be available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the specific needs of a construction project.


  1. **Moisture resistance**: Polystyrene is resistant to moisture, which means that PS foundation strips do not corrode or rot. This is important because they are often exposed to moisture from the ground.


  1. **Recycling**: Polystyrene is a material that can be recycled, which contributes to sustainability.


PS foundation strips can be used in both residential and commercial buildings to improve thermal insulation and protection against moisture. It is important to adapt their type, thickness and size to the specific climatic conditions and requirements of the construction project.


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